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Laboratory of Cloud Technologies

The laboratory deals with the design and operation of the cloud for science, as well as tools for its effective use. The team is developing comprehensive environments for access to distributed data, taking into account both the issues of secure data storage and processing in the cloud, as well as convenient access interfaces (portals, applications) for the end user.

Bearing in mind the dynamic development of new technologies for processing and storing data in the cloud, the Laboratory constantly conducts research and publishes the results. Using the team's expert knowledge, it actively supports scientific initiatives, including international projects and e-infrastructures.

The flagship product of the Laboratory is Onedata: a globally scalable data management system, unifying access to data stored in distributed systems. Onedata responds equally well to the needs of both small user groups and large international research communities. The system enables users to use a homogeneous data management system for both personal and work-related data storage, such as research results, and enables accessing it efficiently from any device.

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Contact: Łukasz Dutka, l.dutka [at]