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Laboratory of Quantum Computing

The laboratory was established to conduct research on the use of quantum computers in calculations and to support classical calculations with quantum accelerators.

One of the key tasks is to follow the development of quantum computing technologies and available quantum accelerator platforms in order to use them in dedicated services offered by Cyfronet. We cooperate with other research entities and industrial partners, both as consortium members of joint initiatives and carrying out commissioned works.

Based on our own competences and the exchange of expert knowledge with a network of partners, our team is working on solving the problems that prevent us from wider and more effective using the quantum accelerators in calculations for the benefit of science and economy.

We also act to popularize calculations using quantum accelerators and provide substantive user support. In this regard, we prepare the necessary documentation and materials, conduct training and publish the results of research work.

Contact: Mariusz Sterzel, m.sterzel [at]