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Cyfronet for many years has been organizing national and international conferences, workshops and seminars, which bring together computer scientists and researchers involved in the creation, development and application of information technology, as well as the users of these technologies.

The first international conference – ECUC'94, was organized in 1994 for the European users of the CONVEX computers.

A very important event on the European scale was Cracow Grid Workshop conference, organized annually since 2001 until 2018, inaugurated by Cyfronet mainly due to its participation in the large, international CROSSGRID project, funded by the EU.

Since 2008, Conference of the High Performance Computers' Users has also been periodically organized, which provides a forum for review of the results of the work carried out with the use of Cyfronet's computer resources and the computing infrastructure created and extende within the family of the PLGrid projects. The conference includes presentations of users and invited guests, as well as training activities concerning optimal utilization of ACK Cyfronet AGH hardware and software, discussion sessions and meetings with suppliers of hardware and software.

All in all, ACK Cyfronet AGH organized several international and national conferences and seminars, focusing on various fields of computer science.

In addition, Cyfronet organizes the annual Open Day for the scientific community and students from Krakow and Malopolska.