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Ares Supercomputer

The Ares supercomputer was deployed in 2021. Its architecture is based on computing servers with Intel Xeon Platinum processors, divided into three groups:

• 532 servers equipped with 192 GB of RAM,

• 256 servers with 384 GB of RAM each,

• 9 servers with 8 NVIDIA Tesla V100 cards each.

The total theoretical performance of Ares is over 3.5 PFlops for the CPU parts, and over 500 TFlops for the GPU parts. Ares also supports a disk system with over 11 PB capacity. The data transfer is possible via the InfiniBand EDR network. The supercomputer has 37 824 computing cores and 147,7 TB of RAM. It is also equipped with a liquid cooling system.

Ares complements Cyfronet's computing resources by providing a newer generation of core processors and servers with more memory. All the components make it possible to shorten the computation time of scientific tasks and address issues that could not have been run on a large scale due to insufficient memory. In addition, the location of Ares is geographically different from the Prometheus supercomputer which guarantees the continuity of providing computing services.