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Computing cluster

operating system: Linux CentOS 7

configuration: HP Apollo 8000, HPE ProLiant DL360 Gen10

processors: Intel Xeon (Haswell / Skylake)

computing cores: 53604

GPGPU: 144 (Nvidia Tesla K40 XL), 32 (NVidia Tesla V100)

RAM: 282 TB

storage: 10 PB

computing power: 2403 TFlops

current TOP500 rank: 475 (June 2022)

The architecture of the Prometheus supercomputer responds to the diverse needs of scientists by providing resources organized in partitions:

• classic computing servers with high-performance Intel Xeon Haswell and Intel Xeon Gold processors,

• a set of servers with NVIDIA K40 XL graphics processors,

• an acceleration partition with NVIDIA K80 GPGPU cards and Intel Xeon Phi and Nallatech FPGA accelerators,

• a partition dedicated to computing related to artificial intelligence, equipped with 32 GPGPU NVIDIA Tesla V100 graphics accelerators.

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