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One of the main tasks of ACC Cyfronet AGH is to provide computing power, mass storage systems and specialized software for the research community. Due to the technological progress, Centers' resources are changing over time, being upgraded or replaced by a new hardware. Cyfronet has a number of world-class solutions enabling high-performance computing (HPC) and analysis of huge data sets. Among them are machines listed on the TOP500 list (the world's fastest supercomputers) and the Green500 list (the most energy-efficient supercomputers).

ACC Cyfronet AGH supercomputers

Superkomputer Helios   


  A new light for innovation in Polish science and economy

  • 35 PFlops of computing power
  • built on the HPE Cray EX4000 platform
  • 75,264 AMD Zen4 computing cores
  • 440 NVIDIA Grace Hopper GH200 Superchips
  • 24 NVIDIA H100 accelerators
  • 17.5 PB disc subsystem
  • Slingshot 200 Gb/s internal network
  • world-level of energy efficiency
  • Helios GPU, highest TOP500 rank: 55 (year 2024)
  • Helios GPU, highest Green500 rank: 3 (year 2024)
  • Helios CPU, highest TOP500 rank: 290 (year 2023)
  • Helios CPU, highest Green500 rank: 343 (year 2023)


Superkomputer Athena   


In 2022 and 2023 the fastest supercomputer in Poland

  • 7.7 PFlops of computing power
  • 240 PFlops of computing power for AI
  • 6,144 computing cores
  • 48 servers with AMD EPYC, 1 TB RAM CPUs
  • 384 GPGPU NVIDIA A100 cards
  • Infiniband HDR (4 x 200 Gb/s per server) internal network
  • fast flash memory disc subsystem
  • highest TOP500 rank: 105 (year 2022)
  • highest Green500 rank: 9 (year 2022)


Superkomputer Ares   


  The warrior for science

  • 4 PFlops of computing power (3,5 PFlops for CPU and 0,5 PFlops for GPU partition)
  • total 37,824 computing cores
  • servers with Intel Xeon Platinum CPUs:
    • 532 servers equipped with 192 GB of RAM each
    • 256 servers equipped with 384 GB of RAM each
    • 9 servers equipped with 8 NVIDIA Tesla V100 cards each
  • InfiniBand EDR (100 Gb/s) internal network
  • >11 PB disc subsystem
  • highest TOP500 rank: 216 (year 2021)
  • highest Green500 rank: 83 (year 2022)


Superkomputer Prometheus   


  Listed 15 times on the TOP500

  • 2.7 PFlops of computing power
  • 53,748 computing cores
  • servers with Intel Xeon Haswell and Intel Xeon Gold CPUs
  • GPGPU NVIDIA Tesla K40 XL servers
  • accellerated partition, including i.e. NVIDIA K80 GPGPUs, Intel Xeon Phi cards and Nallatech FPGA cards
  • AI-dedicated partition with NVIDIA Tesla V100 GPGPUs
  • total 144  NVIDIA Tesla K40 XL GPGPU cards and 32 NVIDIA Tesla V100 cards
  • InfiniBand FDR (56 Gb/s) internal network
  • 180 GB/s disc storage
  • highest TOP 500 rank: 38 (year 2015)
  • highest Green500 rank: 162 (year 2022)


Supercomputers on the TOP500 list

The TOP500 ranks of the computers are listed at this site.

Access to supercomputers

The resources of ACC Cyfronet AGH are made available within the PLGrid infrastructure. Cyfronet provides advanced support from the stage of planning computing tasks, taking care to maximize the use of resources allocated to the user. Please visit PLGrid Portal Documentation site for more information on access to supercomputers.

The total computing power in Cyfronet currently reaches 50 PFlops.

All computers are connected to Cyfronet's data storage system. Currently, the total size of disk resources is about 150 PB, and tape resources are about 120 PB.

Patryk Lasoń
Manager of High Performance Computing Department
e-mail: p.lason at