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Network services

Services provided to users include:

  • e-mail,
  • news: discussion groups covering all areas of interest – from highly specialized scientific fora to general-purpose boards (for sports, pastimes, art, etc.) The news server operated by ACC CYFRONET AGH registers over 220 000 new messages each day,
  • ftp: CYFRONET mirrors major international software archives, providing shareware and freeware applications for MS Windows and UNIX systems. The establishment of this service has significantly reduced the traffic on CYFRONET's international links while at the same time enabling faster downloads of software for users of the Cracow MAN,
  • www: ACC CYFRONET AGH operates a Web portal which includes information on the Centre's activity, the Cracow MAN, projects and information directed towards the Cracow academic community such as reports of meetings of Council of University Rectors of Cracow and more,
  • eduroam: provides the academic network access at all locations on eduroam on the world with a single authorized account, providing at all locations the same way as access to the network at the parent unit.