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Academic Computing Center CYFRONET AGH dynamically expands computing capabilities of available high performance computers and offers advanced software to solve problems in many fields of science. Efficient use of existing resources and new technologies is a challenge for the scientific community. Therefore, CYFRONET pays great attention to the preparation of complete documentation and conducting various types of training to users. The package of presented subjects is continuously expanded and adapted to the needs of researchers.

To facilitate users access to information and materials presented during the traditional training, a new service was created: "eCourses – a remote training platform", based on the Moodle e-learning platform.

In addition to text information, e-learning courses available on the eCourses platform include multimedia resources, examples, exercises and tests, allowing participants to check the level of knowledge they have acquired.
Materials within an e-learning course can be divided into a set of thematic modules followed by a test, which must be passed to allow a participant to move to the next module. The work of participants is monitored by the instructor of an e-learning course, to whom one can send a question in case of doubt or ambiguity regarding the issues presented. As part of the e-learning courses, a discussion forum is also enabled, allowing for the exchange of comments related to the training.

The eCourses service is available from any Web browser, 7 days a week.

Within the eCourses service, the Moodle platform can also be used by scientists to create their own e-learning courses, related to their current research as well as for the preparation of e-learning courses for students.

More information is available on website in Polish.