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The Krakow MAN

The principal tasks of the Centre include the development and maintenance of the Krakow Metropolitan Area Network as well as provision of a wide range of services to its users.

CYFRONET is a important WAN node for southern Poland. The Krakow MAN enables its users to establish regional and international links as well as to access the European GEANT research network.

Characteristics of the Krakow MAN

  • The MAN uses its own dedicated fiber-optic links which total nearly 100 km in length. The core network of the Krakow MAN is located in the Old Town area, but the network also covers the academic campus near Reymonta st. as well as the outlying districts of Bronowice, Krowodrza, Czyzyny and Nowa Huta. Recent expansion of the network included distant research centers in Prokocim, Borek Fałecki and the 3rd campus of the Jagiellonian University in Pychowice. The fiber-optic cables are mostly placed in underground conduits operated by Polish Telecom, but the Krakow MAN also makes use of local tram catenaries wherever available.
  • The data link layer is implemented using Juniper Networks and Cisco Systems equipment while the hardware layer involves 10 Gigabit Ethernet technology.
  • Each of the backbone network switches is connected to at least two (sometimes three) neighbors for automatic and transparent recovery in case of a failure of any network device or link.
  • The Krakow MAN is directly connected to the Upper Silesia, Warsaw and Rzeszów regions with 2x10 Gbps PIONIER links. The PIONIER network enables communication with major national and foreign computing centres. International connectivity is achieved through the GEANT scientific network.
  • In addition to the GEANT network, the Centre is also connected to the TaliaSonera backbone via a 550 Mbps backup link.
  • The Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) enables automatic traffic switching, should one of the Centre's international links fail.
  • In order to raise the quality of its services, the Centre also performs switching of national traffic for the Exatel, TK Telekom, Netia, GTS Energis and ATM.
  • Users of the Krakow MAN can obtain fiber-optic connectivity to the network via 10/100 Mbps, 1 Gbps or 10 Gbps Ethernet cables as well as through traditional modem uplinks, leased from the Polish Telecom.
  • In addition to the local infrastructure in Krakow, this network currently includes offsite node, in Tarnów (where further expansion is currently underway).
  • Ever since the birth of the Polish Internet in early 1991, ACC CYFRONET AGH has remained at the forefront of Polish communications network development and computing services provision.