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Data Storage System

The currently observed phenomenon of the rapidly growing amount of digital information also applies to the scientific community. Access to very efficient supercomputers enables performing analyses of large-scale research problems, what results in generation of huge data sets. They require a completely new approach to information processing and storing. This problem, being currently one of the most important challenges of the modern digital world, is described by the concept of BigData. Also in ACC Cyfronet AGH there is clearly visible correlation between the growing expectations concerning available capacity, speed and additional functionalities of storage resources, caused by offering more efficient computing systems.

Extremely diverse characteristics of research topics, achieved through computational tasks performed in the infrastructure provided by the Centre, is reflected in the complexity of the architecture of the Data Storage System − the main mass storage platform for High-Performance Computers. This system is composed of following elements:

  • the SAN network – the efficient and highly available network dedicated to communication among devices within the Data Storage System, and clients using shared resources or services,
  • disk arrays and servers of various types, offering the storage space for the users' data – starting from fast, but expensive and less capacious solutions, and ending with the devices with large storage capacity and relatively cheap, but with limited efficiency,
  • service servers, with specialised tools and virtualisation software, providing users with functionalities such as automatic backup and archival, hierarchical data storage systems, high-performance hardware file platforms or distributed network file systems,
  • tape libraries and specialised software for storing users' critical data on magnetic media,
  • additional infrastructure, e.g. Ethernet, Infiniband as well as solutions supporting IT infrastructure management and enabling secure storage of magnetic media.

At present, the total storage capacity of Cyfronet disk and tape resources exceeds 70 PB.