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National Competence Centre in HPC

ACC Cyfronet AGH is coordinating the activities of the Polish National Competence Centre in HPC.

The National Competence Centres (NCC) were established as part of the European High-Performance Computing Joint Undertaking (EuroHPC JU). The EuroHPC JU was established to develop, deploy, expand and maintain Europe's world-class supercomputing and data infrastructure. The joint activities are intended to support the development of innovative technologies in Europe and increase the use of HPC (High-Performance Computing) infrastructure by academic users, governments and entrepreneurships in Europe.
In this light, the NCCs, funded through a series of EuroCC projects, are to serve as focal points for HPC and related technologies in their respective countries. They aim to improve and equalise European advanced computing capabilities and provide access to infrastructure and expertise.
EuroCC Poland is based on the partners of the PLGrid Consortium (ICM, PSNC, WCSS, CI TASK, NCBJ), whose leader is Cyfronet AGH. The main tasks of the National Competence Centre include:

  • supporting stakeholders from industry, the public sector and academia in the implementation of HPC technologies,
  • Increasing the use of HPC technologies among SMEs to raise their innovation potential,
  • improving the visibility of existing HPC centre offerings and services for SMEs and industry,
  • expanding the training portfolio,
  • creating a catalogue of services that includes offerings from HPC centres and other key HPC services and technologies from vendors in Poland,
  • raising awareness among various stakeholders, including Centers of Excellence (CoEs) and European Digital Innovation Hubs (eDIHs) in Poland and abroad.

Details on the activities of the National HPC Competence Centre can be found on a dedicated page.