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Helios supercomputer

The Helios supercomputer is a new system installed at ACC Cyfronet AGH, created as result of work performed in the National Supercomputing Infrastructure for EuroHPC - EuroHPC PL project coordinated by Cyfronet. The supercomputer was built according to Cyfronet's design by Hewlett-Packard Enterprise based on the HPE Cray EX4000 platform. It will ultimately consist of three computing partitions:

  • CPU equipped with 75,264 AMD Zen4 computing cores and 200 TB of DDR5 RAM,
  • GPU equipped with 440 NVIDIA Grace Hopper GH200 superchips,
  • INT for interactive work, equipped with 24 NVIDIA H100 accelerators and fast local NVMe memory.

Helios achieves the theoretical computing power of 35 PFlops.

The Helios disk subsystem consists of two types of Lustre file systems: scratch with a capacity of 1.5 PB and a speed of over 1.8 TB/s and project with a capacity of 16 PB and a speed of almost 200 GB/s. All supercomputer components are connected via the Slingshot network with a speed of 200 Gb/s. The HPE Cray EX4000 platform, based on which Helios was built, is also used in constructing the fastest supercomputers in the world (Frontier) and Europe (LUMI). Thanks to direct liquid cooling of the CPU and GPU partitions, it is possible to achieve a very low PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness) for the system, increasing its energy efficiency and reducing operating costs. Additionally, thanks to the recovery of waste heat produced by Helios, it will be possible to use it for heating.

Already in the first half of 2024 - after completion of the installation and the stage of thorough infrastructure testing - Helios will be available to both scientific units and industry and public administration entities. The expected effect is the development of innovative research and the acceleration of introducing technologies based on it to the market.

Heslios' computing power for AI computing is 1.8 ExaFlops.

Helios supercomputer

Helios supercomputer - view on the computing (in the middle) and cooling (left and right) cabinets.