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Cyfronet supports EUMaster4HPC Programme

The HPC European Consortium Leading Education Activities (EUMaster4HPC) aims to develop a new and innovative European Master programme focusing on high performance solutions to address these issues. The master programme aims at catalysing various aspects of the HPC ecosystem and its applications into different scientific and industrial domains.

In principle, the program will equip students with HPC competences and knowledge required by academia and industry.
The detailed goals of the project are:

  • effectively disseminating core HPC knowledge in scientific and industrial fields by educating graduate-level specialists and future leaders in HPC technology and applications to fill a gap in the human resource market,
  • the synthesis and transfer of scientific knowledge that enables the wider use of HPC for the needs of European society and economy.
  • defining a balanced Master's degree program in HPC applicable in all European countries.

ACC Cyfronet AGH supports the programme by contributing to its training materials development.

Please visit the official website of the project: for complete information about the programme.

You may be interested in:

- going through a brochure (PDF)
- printing a poster: in A2 format (PDF), A4 format (JPG) or A5 format (PDF)
- getting familiar with the Project overview (PDF)
- contacting the coordinator:
- learning about other projects supported by Cyfronet.