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Competition for pilot computing grants for scientists from Poland run on the LUMI supercomputer

ACC Cyfronet AGH announces a competition for the allocation of access time through the implementation of pilot computing grants on the LUMI supercomputer, to which Polish scientists can get access via the PLGrid Portal.

The LUMI supercomputer is one of the fastest computing machines in the world and offers a computing speed of 552 PetaFlop/s (552 * 1015 floating point operations per second). It is the result of cooperation of the LUMI consortium, which includes 10 European countries, with Finland at the fore. Detailed information on the LUMI supercomputer can be found at Poland, as a member of the consortium, has the right to submit two pilot projects in the first phase of the supercomputer launch (autumn 2021) and two more in the second phase (end of 2021).

The two phases are respectively:

  1. Data-intensive computing, high-throughput computing, and high-performance data analytics workloads (CPU only).
  2. Keeping the GPU partition under full load and demonstrating its scalability.

This competition concerns the first phase, aimed primarily at creating a test load of the CPU partition and data storage systems. We are waiting for projects on important research topics that need large computing resources and will be implemented through highly scalable applications.

In the pilot phase, compute grants will have no upper bounds on allocated CPU time, and users are encouraged to use as much power as possible. At the same time, the operator of LUMI (CSC IT Center for Science Ltd.) does not guarantee full and uninterrupted availability of resources for the duration of the pilot projects. Upon completion of these projects, users will be required to provide feedback on system performance, computing environment and results obtained.

The evaluation of applications and selection of the winners of the competition will take place on the basis of formal, technical and scientific criteria, in accordance with the Regulations of the competition available at (in Polish).

Application for the competition

Applications will be accepted only in English. Applications for the pilot grant should be submitted by June 14, 2021, using the prepared application form, available at, in the Grants / LUMI Projects tab. This form should be completed and sent in the PDF format, in accordance with the instructions available at

To submit the application, you must have an account on the PLGrid Portal.

Please send any questions to the e-mail address: