P r o g r a m m e
   Monday, October 24, 2016
  8:00 -   9:00 Registration       
  9:00 - 10:40 Session S1,   Chair: Michał Turała
   9:00   Opening
   9:20   Keynote lecture: R. Meijer, Distributing the systems, dynamic network architectures, and applications
Presentation (4.93 MB)
 10:00   ISES VEL: Enabling open energy-efficient building design and simulation, R. Klinc, R. Hoch, P. Katranuschkov, K. Baumgartel, T. Laine and M. Dolenc
Presentation (7.55 MB)
 10:20   Automated and portable Hadoop cluster orchestration on clouds with Occopus for Big Data applications, E. Nagy, J. Kovács, R. Lovas
Presentation (1.72 MB)
10:40 - 11:10 coffee and posters
11:10 - 12:50 Session S2,   Chair: Krzysztof Zieliński
 11:10   Full-scale monitoring system of levees, A. Borecka, K. Korzec, J. Stanisz
Presentation (2.97 MB)
 11:30   Edge computing infrastructure for smart levee monitoring, R. Brzoza-Woch, M. Konieczny, B. Kwolek, P. Nawrocki, T. Szydło, K. Zieliński
Presentation (1.09 MB)
 11:50   An IT infrastructure for smart levee monitoring and flood decision support, M. Bubak, B. Baliś, D. Harężlak, M. Kasztelnik, P. Nowakowski, T. Bartyński, T. Gubała, M. Malawski, M. Pawlik, B. Wilk
Presentation (3.02 MB), Poster (3 MB)
 12:10   Analysis of annual temperature distribution inside the experimental embankment, B. Bukowska-Belniak, M. Dwornik, A. Leśniak
Presentation (1.81 MB), Poster (0.97 MB)
 12:30   SMART LEVEE in Poland. Full-scale monitoring experimental study of levees by different methods, A. Borecka, K. Korzec, J. Stanisz
Presentation (3.34 MB)
12:50 - 14:10 lunch
14:10 - 16:00 Session S3,   Chair: Robert Pająk
 14:10   Krakow presentations: 1) Power of People, 2) Krakow Hyperlapse
3-min presentations of posters:
1. Optimal numerical models selection for flood embankment pore pressure data, M. Chuchro, M. Dwornik, K. Szostek, A. Leśniak
Poster (1.9 MB)
2. Anomalies detection in real data from experimental flood embankment, M. Chuchro, K. Szostek, A. Leśniak
Poster (1.34 MB)
3. Influence of initial water saturation in earthen levee on results of numerical modelling of infiltration process, M. Dwornik, A. Franczyk, A. Leśniak, K. Krawiec
4. Content-based filtering recommendation using text categorization and temporal decay, Š. Dlugolinský, M. Šeleng, L. Hluchý
5. Detection of malicious behavior of mobile devices using process mining, O. Habala, P. Krammer, L. Hluchý
6. Scheduling hybrid workloads in shared cloud infrastructures, D. Klusáček, G. Podolníková
7.Improving collaboration between large and small enterprises using semantic search and recommendation, M. Šeleng, Š. Dlugolinský, W. Gräther, I. Matranga, V. Savarino, M. Tomašek, K. Furdík, L. Hluchý
8.A global state monitoring infrastructure in the control of a genetic algorithm, A. Smyk, M. Tudruj
9.Cost-based optimization of execution of data farming experiments in PaaSage, M. Orzechowski, R. Słota, J. Kitowski
10. Spatial-oriented neural network encoding for neuro-evolution, W. Funika, P Koperek
11. Storage of monitoring data in NoSQL database, K. Gąsiorowska, D. Trybała, W. Funika
12.FPGA acceleration of text similarity measure with gracefully reduced vector precision, M. Staruchowicz, M. Wielgosz, M. Karwatowski, M. Pietroń, K. Wiatr
13.Remote access to graphical applications on Prometheus cluster, M. Pawlik, M. Magryś, J. Budzowski, Ł. Flis, P. Lasoń
 15:00   BASMATI – a brokerage architecture on federated clouds for mobile applications, J. Altmann, E. Carlini, M. Coppola, P. Dazzi, A. Juan Ferrer, N. Haile, Y.-W. Jung, D.-J. Kang, I.-J. Marshall, K. Tserpes, T. Varvarigou
Presentation (1.42 MB)
 15:20   MAN-HA – providing critical services in public cloud environment, J. Kochan, N. Meyer, R. Wyrzykowski, P. Dzierżak, T. Chmiel
Presentation (2.91 MB)
 15:40   Bringing molecular modeling on PLGrid down to desktop with SCIGRESS, W. Płonka
Presentation (1.65 MB)
16:00 - 16:20 coffee and posters
19:30 - 22:00 Conference Dinner at the "Piwnica pod Kominkiem" restaurant
(Bracka 13 St., Krakow)
   Tuesday, October 25, 2016
  8:30 -   9:00 Registration
  9:00 - 10:20 Session S4,   Chair: Mariusz Sterzel
   9:00   Operating system and runtime support for exascale: issues and future research directions, V. Nikolov
   9:40   Keynote lecture: V. Krzhizhanovskaya, Making sense of the “Big Nonsense”: data-driven modelling and anomaly detection by machine learning methods. Examples from flood early warning systems and road traffic simulations
Presentation (6.92 MB)
10:20 - 10:50 coffee and posters
10:50 - 12:50 Session S5,   Chair: Bartosz Baliś
 10:50   Keynote lecture: P. Trautmann, HPC update from HPE: trends, strategy and futures
 11:30   Towards model execution environment for investigation of heart valve diseases, M. Bubak, T. Bartyński, T. Gubała, D. Harężlak, M. Kasztelnik, M. Malawski, J. Meizner, P. Nowakowski
Presentation (1.41 MB), Poster (0.64 MB)
 11:50   Applying HPC infrastructure for advanced cybersecurity services for improving protection in the public sector, M. Dobski, G. Frankowski, N. Meyer, M. Miłostan, M. Pawłowski, B. Pelichowski
Presentation (3.43 MB)
 12:10   Onedata – a data management platform supporting global open science, Ł. Opioła, B. Kryza, Ł. Dutka, R. G. Słota, J. Kitowski
Presentation (2.7 MB)
 12:30   Adoption of the UNICORE middleware amongst ICM users, R. Kluszczyński, G. Marczak, K. Benedyczak, P. Bała
Presentation (1.44 MB)
12:50 - 14:00 lunch
14:00 - 15:20 Session S6,   Chair: Maciej Malawski
 14:00   ATLAS EventIndex data collection supervisor and web interface, C. García Montoro, Á. Fernández Casaní, J. Sánchez
Presentation (1.8 MB)
 14:20   Text comparison: similarity detection with determination of possible source of plagiarism, A. Byczyńska, A. Gontarz, W. Funika
Presentation (0.14 MB)
 14:40   Theoretical aspects of ethylene polymerization by the supported (CrOx/SiO2) Phillips catalyst, M. Gierada, J. Handzlik
 15:00   Parallel computing of local field potentials in biological neural networks using LFPy, D. Kufel, G. M. Wójcik

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15:20 - 15:40 coffee and posters
   Wednesday, October 26, 2016
  8:30 -   9:00 Registration
  9:00 - 10:40 Session S7,   Chair: Katarzyna Rycerz
   9:00   Challenges in 3-D simulation of vascular graph remodelling, R. Łazarz
Presentation (1.5 MB)
   9:20   Data farming based support of hot rolling technologies design, Ł. Rauch, K. Bzowski, D. Bachniak, J. Liput, D. Król, J. Kitowski, M. Pietrzyk
   9:40   Evaluation of container composition tools for multi-container distributed systems, M. Orzechowski
Presentation (0.4 MB)
 10:00   PLGrid Infrastructure: a tool for Open Science, J. Kitowski, K. Wiatr, Ł. Dutka, T. Szepieniec, M. Sterzel and M. Kruszelnicka, K. Noga, R. Pająk, K. Zaczek
10:40 - 11:10 coffee and posters
11:10 - 12:30 Session S8,   Chair: Marian Bubak
  11:10   Keynote lecture: H. Zhuge, Multi-dimensional summarization in cyber-physical society
Presentation (14.4 MB)
  11:50   Keynote lecture: A. Belloum, Defining curriculum for data science
Presentation (3.74 MB)
12:30 - 13:50 lunch
13:50 - 14:45 Session S9,   Chair: Jacek Kitowski
  13:50   Keynote lecture: D. Kranzlmueller, Environmental (friendly) supercomputing on SuperMUC
Presentation (1.3 MB)
  14:30   “Dropbox" for Science: Cloud Storage&More, J. T. Mościcki
Presentation (13.5 MB)
14:45 - 15:00 Closing,   Marian Bubak, Mariusz Sterzel
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