Kraków, Poland
O c t o b e r  13 - 15, 2008


P r o g r a m m e

Monday, Oct 13, 2008
   8:00 -   8:30 Registration
   8:30 - 10:15 Session G1,   Chair: Kazimierz Wiatr / Michal Turala
   8:30   T. Szmuc, Welcome address in the name of AGH and ACC Cyfronet
Presentation (PDF: 2.4MB)
   8:50   G. Zbikowski, Polish Long Term Strategy on Computing Infrastructure
Presentation (PowerPoint: 0.2MB)
   9:20   D. Kranzlmueller, The European Grid Initiative – Rationale for a Sustainable Grid Infrastructure in Europe
Presentation (PDF: 2.4MB)
 10:00   Discussion on EGI
 10:15 - 10:45
 10:45 - 12:50 Session G2,   Chair: Dieter Kranzlmueller
 10:45   G. Wormser, Presentation of Grid Activities in France
Presentation (PowerPoint: 1.1MB)
 11:10   U. Schwiegelshohn, The Structure of D-Grid
Presentation (PowerPoint: 0.2MB)
 11:35   J. Gomes, The Portuguese Grid Initiative
Presentation (PDF: 0.6MB)
 12:00   J. Marco de Lucas, Origin and Evolution of the Spanish NGI
Presentation (PDF: 2.0MB)
 12:25   J. Kitowski, Structure and Status of National Grid Initiative in Poland
Presentation (PDF: 1.4MB)
 12:50 - 14:10
 14:10 - 16:15 Session G3,   Chair: Piotr Bala
 14:10   A. Read, The ARC Middleware – An International Grid Initiative
Presentation (PDF: 1.2MB)
 14:35   P. Aerts, The Netherlands Science Grid
Presentation (PDF: 1.5MB)
 15:00   W. Gentzsch, Science Applications on the DEISA Infrastructure
Presentation (PDF: 1.0MB)
 15:25   N. Geddes, UKs National Grid Service
Presentation (PDF: 1.0MB)
 15:50   M. Mazzucato, The Italian Grid Infrastructure (IGI)
Presentation (PDF: 1.4MB)
 16:15 - 16:45
 16:45 - 18:00 Session G4,   Chair: Jacek Kitowski
 16:45   P. Bala, Grid Computing at ICM
Presentation (PowerPoint: 0.5MB)
 17:00   N. Meyer, e-Infrastructure and Related Projects in PSNC
Presentation (PDF: 2.0MB)
 17:15   B. Balcerek, Presentation of the WCSS and it's Activities
Presentation (PDF: 0.8MB)
 17:30   Grid at TASK
 17:45   M. Sterzel, Grid Computing at ACC Cyfronet AGH
Tuesday, October 14, 2008
   8:00 -   8:30 Registration
   8:30 - 10:00 Session K1,   Chair: Marian Bubak
   8:30   Keynote lecture: Denis Caromel, Grid Component Model and ProActive Parallel Suite for Science: Bridging Distributed and Multi-Core Computing
Presentation (PDF: 5.3MB)
   9:15   Keynote lecture: Ewa Deelman, Clouds: An Opportunity for Scientific Applications?
Presentation (PowerPoint: 0.8MB)
 10:00 - 10:30
coffee, poster session
 10:30 - 12:45 Session K2,   Chair: Marian Bubak
 10:30   Keynote lecture: Fabrizio Gagliardi, Grid Computing: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow
Presentation (PDF: 3.0MB)
 11:15   Poster session (with 2 min presentations / poster)
 12:45 - 14:00
 14:00 - 15:15 Session C1,   Chair: Maciej Malawski
 14:00   Employing WS-BPEL Design Patterns for Grid Service Orchestration using a Standard WS-BPEL Engine and a Grid Middleware,
Andre Brinkmann, Stefan Gudenkauf, Wilhelm Hasselbring, André Höing, Holger Karl, Odej Kao, Holger Nitsche, Guido Scherp
Presentation (PDF: 0.3MB)
 14:15   Towards Workflow Sharing and Reuse in the ASKALON Grid Environment,
Jun Qin, Thomas Fahringer
Presentation (PDF: 1.7MB)
 14:30   e-Science Infrastructure (Tier-2 & Tier-3) for High Energy Physics data analysis,
Santiago Gonzalez de la Hoz, Gabriel Amoros, Alvaro Fernandez, Mohamed Kaci, Alejandro Lamas, Luis March, Elena Oliver, Jose Salt, Javier Sanchez, Miguel Villaplana, Roger Vives
Presentation (PDF: 2.5MB)
 14:45   Approaching Fine-grain Access Control for Distributed Biomedical Databases within Virtual Environments,
Matthias Assel, Onur Kalyoncu, Yi Pan
Presentation (PowerPoint: 1.0MB)
 15:00   Adopting GLUE 2.0 for Interoperation of Grid Monitoring Systems,
Timo Baur, Rebecca Breu, Tobias Lindinger, Anne Milbert, Gevorg Poghosyan, Mathilde Romberg
Presentation (PowerPoint: 0.7MB)
 15:15 - 15:35
coffee, poster session
 15:35 - 17:35 Tutorial: Environment for Collaborative e-Science Applications,
ICS and ACC Cyfronet AGH Krakow, PL
 19:30 - 23:00 Dinner (departure for dinner at 18.30)
Wednesday, October 15, 2008
   8:00 -   8:30 Registration
   8:30 - 10:00 Session K3,   Chair: Jacek Kitowski
   8:30   Keynote lecture: Mario Campolargo, e-Science grids: where does Europe stand?
Presentation (PDF: 0.8MB)
   9:15   Keynote lecture: Krzysztof Gózdz, Grid from Business Perspective
 10:00 - 10:30
coffee, poster session
 10:30 - 12:30 Session C2,   Chair: Aleksander Kusznir
 10:30   A Need for Data-centric Semantics-based Infrastructure for e-Science,
Marian Bubak, Tomasz Gubala, Maciej Malawski, Piotr Nowakowski, and Tomasz Szepieniec
Presentation (PDF: 0.8MB)
 10:45   Knowledge Supported Data Access in Distributed Environment,
Renata Slota, Darin Nikolow, Jacek Kitowski
 11:00   A File System based eScience Workbench,
Roger Menday
Presentation (PowerPoint: 0.2MB)
 11:15   DFSgc: Distributed File System for Multipurpose Grid Applications and Cloud Computing,
Carlos de Alfonso, Miguel Caballer, Jose V. Carrion, Vicente Hernandez
Presentation (PDF: 0.7MB)
 11:30   Scalable Services for Digital Preservation,
Rainer Schmidt, Christian Sadilek, Ross King
Presentation (PDF: 0.1MB)
 11:45   METACenter Virtual Networks,
David Antos, Jirí Sitera, Petr Holub, Ludek Matyska
Presentation (PDF: 0.1MB)
 12:00   Analysis of Overhead and Waiting Times in the EGEE Production Grid,
Max Berger, Thomas Zangerl, Thomas Fahringer
Presentation (PowerPoint: 0.6MB)
 12:15   AgroGrid: Composition and Monitoring of Dynamic Supply-chains,
Eugen Volk
Presentation (PowerPoint: 0.5MB)
 12:30 - 13:45
 13:45 - 15:00 Session C3,   Chair: Tomasz Szepieniec
 13:45   Application of Petri Nets to Evaluation of Grid Applications Efficiency,
Wojciech Rzasa, Marian Bubak
Presentation (PDF: 0.4MB)
 14:00   Automatic Verification of SLA for Firewall Configuration in Grid Environments,
Gian Luca Volpato, Christian Grimm, Martin Janitschke
Presentation (PowerPoint: 0.9MB)
 14:15   Applying Risk Management to Support SLA Provisioning,
Dominic Battre, Georg Birkenheuer, Matthias Hovestadt, Odej Kao, Kerstin Voss
Presentation (PDF: 0.3MB)
 14:30   Towards a Comprehensive Accounting Solution in the Multi-Middleware Environment of the D-Grid Initiative,
Jan Wiebelitz, Wolfgang Müller, Michael Brenner and Gabriele von Voigt
Presentation (PDF: 3.6MB)
 14:45   SZTAKI Desktop Grid: Security enhancements for BOINC,
Attila Csaba Marosi, Gábor Gombás, Peter Kacsuk
 15:00   Description in ClassAd language of Complex Policies for Resource Allocation in Grid Computing,
G. Pierantoni, B. Coghlan, E. Kenny

Organizers: ACC Cyfronet AGH

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