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Poster Presentations

We are very grateful to the Authors who volunteered to present their high quality contributions as posters.
  1. Heritabilities of Lactation Curve Parameters of Milk Yield of Holstein-Friesian Cows
    from Osowa Sień
    M. Gierdziewicz
  2. Homodimer Proteins – the Structure of Hydrophobic Core,
    M. Banach and I. Roterman
  3. Regular Internal Force Field in Proteins,
    D. Marchewka and I. Roterman
  4. Is the "Fuzzy Oil Drop" Model of General Character?,
    T. Jadczyk, M. Bubak, and I. Roterman
    Presentation (PDF: 2.8MB)
  5. How to Model Carbon Nanotube (CNT) – Molecular Hydrogen Interactions? DFT
    Studies of Weak Interactions in Rare-Gas Dimers
    T. Kupka, M. Stachów, M. Nieradka, L. Stobiński, and P. Nowak
  6. A Quantum-Chemical Study on the Boron Centers in Nonaqueous Electrolyte
    Solutions and Polymer Electrolytes

    A. Eilmes and P. Kubisiak
  7. Enabling Eclipse Parallel Tools Platform for QosCosGrid based e-Infrastructures,
    B. Bosak, J. Konczak, K. Kurowski, M. Mamoński, and T. Piontek
  8. Agent-Based Monitoring Using Fuzzy Logic and Rules,
    W. Funika and F. Szura
  9. Automatic Generation of CPU and GPGPU Code Implementing Exchange-
    Correlation Functional Derivatives
    G. Mazur, M. Makowski, and R. Łazarski
  10. FPGA Based Real-Time Image Segmentation with the Ensemble of One-Class
    Support Vector Machines
    B. Cyganek, M. Wielgosz, and K. Wiatr
  11. An Enhancement of a Sort Operation Performance Using FPGA Custom Architecture,
    P. Russek and K. Wiatr
  12. Accelerating Computing Tasks in Video Surveillance Systems Using FPGA,
    T. Kryjak and M. Gorgoń
  13. Wavelet2 – Server for Signal and Language Processing Calculations,
    J. Gałka, B. Ziółko, D. Skurzok and T. Jadczyk
    Presentation (PowerPoint: 1.2MB)
  14. Prototype of Semantic Model of Polish for Automatic Speech Recognition,
    B. Ziółko
    Presentation (PowerPoint: 0.5MB)
  15. Evaluation of Internal Forces in Cooling Tower Shell due to Paraseismic Tremours
    from Various Regions of Mining Activity
    J. Dulińska and M. Fabijańska
  16. Implementation of FHP Model in Nvidia CUDA Technology,
    S. Szkoda