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Poster Presentations

We are very grateful to the Authors who volunteered to present their high quality contributions as posters.
  1. Large Scale Computing to Search for Pharmacologically Active Proteins,
    K. Prymula, M. Piwowar, M. Kochanczyk, L. Flis, M. Malawski, T. Szepieniec, G. Evangelista, G. Minervini, F. Polticelli, Z. Wiśniowski, K. Sałapa, E. Matczyńska, I. Roterman
  2. Theoretical Studies on cytosine and 5-fluorocytosine. Prediction of Harmonic and Anharmonic Frequencies in the Gas Phase and Solution,
    T. Kupka, A. Buczek, M. Broda, M. Nieradka, M. Spulber, M. Pinteala, and A. Fifere
  3. Validation of Polarization Approximation in Calculations of Interaction Energy Components,
    P. de Silva and J. Korchowiec
  4. Calculations of the Chelatoaromatic Stabilization Energy in Metalcomplexes of Hydroxypyrones,
    K.K. Zborowski, L.M. Proniewicz
  5. Solvent Effect on the Absorption Spectra of Ketocyanine Dye Complexes - TDDFT Calculations with Explicit Solvent Modeling,
    A. Eilmes
  6. Torsionally Controlled Electronic Coupling in Mixed-Valence Oxodimolybdenum Nitrosyl Scorpionates - a DFT Study
    K. Noga, P.P. Romańczyk, A.J. Włodarczyk, W. Nitek and E. Brocławik
  7. Convergence of Nuclear Shieldings Calculated with Basis Sets Designed for NMR Calculations,
    T. Kupka, M. Stachów, M. Nieradka, J. Kaminsky and T. Pluta
  8. ATLAS experiment production system in WLCG Grid computing network,
    A. Olszewski
  9. DGEMM Performance Tests of AMD Radeon HD 4870,
    D. Kuna, E. Jamro, P. Russek, K. Wiatr
  10. Prototype of Automated Framework for Insertion of HLL Languages to HPC Applications,
    M. Pietroń, P. Russek, K. Wiatr
  11. Pipeline Implementation of Peer Group Filtering in FPGA,
    T. Kryjak, M. Gorgoń
  12. Towards Autonomic Semantic-based Management of Distributed Applications,
    W. Funika, P. Koperek, M. Kupisz
  13. Benchmarking High Performance Architectures with Natural Language Processing Algorithms,
    M. Kuta, J. Kitowski
  14. Semantic-oriented Performance Monitoring of Distributed Applications,
    W. Funika, P. Pęgiel, P. Godowski, D. Król
  15. Data Management with Quality of Service in PL-Grid Environment,
    R. Słota, D. Nikolow, K. Skałkowski and J. Kitowski
  16. Application of Unified Metadata Grid Framework Supporting Resource Discovery and Matchmaking,
    B. Kryza, A. Myłka, A. Swiderska and J. Kitowski
  17. Role-based self-healing in Autonomous Monitoring Systems,
    P. Pęgiel, W. Funika, and J. Kitowski
  18. SLA-based Data Storage-oriented Semi-automatic Management of Distributed Applications,
    D. Król, W. Funika, R. Słota, J. Kitowski