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Poster Presentations

  1. Analysis of the Basic Implementation Aspects of Hardware-accelerated Density Functional Theory Calculations,
    M. Wielgosz, G. Mazur, E. Jamro, M. Makowski, P. Russek, K. Wiatr
  2. Loop Profiling Tool for HPC Code Inspection as a Method of Efficient FPGA Based Acceleration,
    M. Pietroń, P. Russek, K. Wiatr
  3. Parallel Implementation of Local Thresholding in Mitrion-C,
    T. Kryjak, M. Gorgoń
  4. Deconvolution of Large 3D Images Obtained by Confocal Laser Scanning Microscope,
    P. Pawliczek, A. Romanowska-Pawliczek, Z. Sołtys
  5. Comparing Parallel Programming Environments for the Joint Inversion of Geoelectrical Data,
    Anna Pięta and Justyna Bała
  6. Requirements on Virtual Learning Environments Generated by the Use of Virtual Patients,
    A.A. Kononowicz, I. Hege, M. Adler, B. de Leng, J. Donkers, I. Roterman
  7. Electrochemical Interactions in Bimetallic Molybdenum Nitrosyl Complexes Incorporating µ-oxo Bridges - DFT Modeling,
    K. Noga, P.P. Romańczyk, A.J. Włodarczyk, E. Brocławik
  8. New Energy Partitioning Scheme Based on the Self-consistent Configuration Method for Subsystems,
    P. de Silva, J. Korchowiec
  9. Binding of CO, NO, and O2 to Heme: An Insight from DFT and CASPT2,
    M. Radon , E. Brocławik, K. Pierloot
  10. A DFT/TDDFT Study of Ketocyanine Dye Interactions with Li+ and Mg2+,
    A. Eilmes
  11. The Vibronic Structures of Absorption and Magnetic Circular Dichroism (MCD) in Low Energy 11B2u and 11B3u States of 1,4,5,8-naphtalenetetracarboxy Dianhydride,
    P. Zazakowny, M. Sterzel, M.T. Pawlikowski
  12. The Vehicle-track-soil Dynamic Interaction Problem in Sequential and Parallel Computing,
    J. Kogut, H. Ciurej
  13. Search for Optimal OSS Hardware for Entry-level Configurations of Lustre File System,
    L. Flis, P. Lasoń, M. Magrys, M. Pogoda, G. Sułkowski, M.Twardy
  14. Blackboard E-learning platform at ACC CYFRONET AGH,
    M. Kwaśniewski, M. Wielgus



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