Cracow, Poland
O c t o b e r  15 - 18, 2006

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CGW'06 Proceedings
Editors: Marian Bubak, Michal Turala, Kazimierz Wiatr
ISBN 83-915141-7-X, EAN 9788391514177
Table of Contents
K-WfGrid - The Knowledge-based Workflow System
for Grid Applications,
Proceedings of CGW'06, Vol. II

Editors: Marian Bubak, Steffen Unger
ISBN 978-83-915141-8-4
Table of Contents
P a p e r s   &   P r o c e e d i n g s
Proceedings of the CGW'06 will be traditionally printed after the event; papers will be accepted for Proceedings on the basis of evaluation of presentation and the review of full papers. The deadline for full paper submission is December 8, 2006.
Each paper, limited to 6 - 8 pages including all figures, tables and references, should be sent before December 8, 2006.

0 This paper MUST be rejected because 
  • it is a plagiate

  • it was published before

  • it was submitted to other conference / journal
  • YES - NO
    YES - NO
    YES - NO
    1 Abstract and keywords 
  • quality of abstract, elevance to the CGW'06 topics
  • 0 - 3
    2 Introduction, motivation 
  • Does the paper address interesting and important problem
  • Are the scientific objectives clearly explained
  • 0 - 3
    0 - 3
    3 State-of-the-art (related works) 
  • Are the related works (previous CGW, FGCS, Grid Computing ...) presented clearly, are the references up-to-date, sufficient and relevant?
  • 0 - 5
    4 Description of the solution 
  • Is the solution of the problem correct and is it presented in a convincing way; is methodology desribed?
  • 0 - 10
    5 Results 
  • Are the results presented (tables, figures)?
  • 0 - 5
    6 Conclusions and future work 
  • Are the conclusions clearly spell out, do they summarize the main scientific achievements?
  • 0 - 5
    7 Readability (including quality of English)0 - 5
    8 Quality of figures0 - 5
    "0" in any category means "reject"
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