Cracow, Poland
O c t o b e r  15 - 18, 2006

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Guidelines for LaTeX Users

  1. Please download the cgw06.sty file, that establishes formatting required by the publisher and adds some extentions to standard article package. Your paper should start with the usual stuff: title, author(s), affiliation(s) and abstract:
           \title {Title of the paper}
    	      Author2\inst{2} and
           \institute{LocationA \and
    	   Text of the abstract.
           % ....
    As you see, the affiliations should be put into '\institute' command. If you use more the one affiliation they should be separated with '\and' command and they should be accessed in '\author' command with '\inst' command.

    For details please consult the sample paper:

  2. Please, DO NOT:
    • redefine margins, paper sizes, font sizes
    • put page numbers

  3. Compile your paper
    (at least two times to get cross-references)

  4. Convert your .dvi into a .pdf document and upload it to the PAPER Submission System TOGETHET with all the files and packages required for a successful compilation, as a compressed, single file.