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The Academic Computer Centre Cyfronet AGH

invites to

The Conference
of the High Performance Computers' Users

which will initiate the annual scientific meetings concerning the computations being performed in the Centre by use of the high performance computers, computing clusters and installed software.

I N V I T E D   Lectures

Norbert Attig, John von Neumann Institute for Computing, JSC, Juelich, Germany,
"IBM Blue Gene for scientific computations"

Jaap A. Kaandorp, Univ. of Amsterdam,
"Computational modelling of corals: from genes to colony"

the review of the results of tasks realised by use of the Centre's computer resources and available software,
the integration Cyfronet's users and employees.
15.01.2008-abstract submission
31.01.2008-acceptance notification
28.03.2008-full paper submission

We encourage all users of our Centre to present their scientific achievements made thanks to use of the high performance computers In ACC Cyfronet AGH. The conference will involve the following issues:

  • computations and large scale simulations,
  • new algorithms in computer science,
  • tools and techniques in the high performance computing systems,
  • teaching in computer science,
  • data bases.

The submitted papers will be verified by the Program Committee on the base of the abstract (to be presented) and its full text (to be published). The abstract should be sent to kdm@cyfronet.pl.

  the Registration Form must be sent,
the registration fee must be paid in the amount of:
  • 180 zł (for an author presenting a paper),
  • 230 zł (for remaining participants)
  The papers will be published in:
COMPUTER SCIENCE: Annual of AGH University of Science and Technology (ISSN 1508-2806), or
COMPUTING AND INFORMATICS (the Philadelphian list of journals, ISSN 1335-9150, IF=0.136).