Kraków, Poland
O c t o b e r  15 - 17, 2007


 Kraków, Poland
 O c t o b e r  16 - 18, 2007


Guidelines for MS Word Users

itemsize, formatting and spacing
fonttimes, times new roman
line spacingsingle
text width122mm
text height193mm
title of the paper16pt, bold, centered; +12pt after
authors9pt, centered; +6pt after
references to affiliations of authors6pt, superscript, numbers
affiliations9pt, centered
abstract heading9pt, bold, centered, "Abstract"; +36pt before
abstract body9pt, justified, no indent, text width: 100mm
normal text10pt, justified, paragraph indent: 5mm, no additional space between paragraphs, text width: 122mm
section heading12pt, bold, numbering: 1, 2, 3, 4,..., no point after section number, distance between section number and section title: 5mm; capitalized, left aligned; +12pt before, +6pt after the section heading
subsection heading10pt, bold, numbering: 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 1.4,..., no point after subsection number, distance between subsection number and section title: 5mm
picture label10pt, below the picture, centered, numbering: Fig. 1:, Fig. 2:, ...
bibliography heading12pt, bold, left aligned, "References", space before and after heading: 7mm (+12pt)
bibliography item9pt, indent: 5mm, numbering (not indented): 1., 2., 3., 4.,..., no additional spaces between bibliography items

For details please consult the sample paper in MS Word: example.doc

How to submit the paper:

Please send your paper:

  1. in a MS Word file:   Last-name_First-name.doc
  2. in a .PDF file:   Last-name_First-name.pdf
as an attachements to the cgw07@cyfronet.krakow.pl