Cracow, Poland
O c t o b e r  15 - 18, 2006

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   Keynote Lectures
Wolfgang Boch
Head of F2, Information Society and Media DG, European Commission
The Future of Grid Research in FP7
Fabrizio Gagliardi
Microsoft EMEA and LATAM Director for Technical Computing, Switzerland
Accelerating Discovery in Science and Engineering
Wolfgang Gentzsch
Coordinator of D-Grid Germany
D-Grid, or How to Build a National Grid Infrastructure
Carl Kesselman
University of Southern California, Information Sciences Institute, USA
Virtual Communities, The Grid, and Systems Oriented Science
Dieter Kranzlmüller
Johannes Kepler University Linz, Austria
The European Grid Initiative - A View from the Austrian National Grid Initiative
Thierry Priol
INRIA, France
The French ACI GRID Initiative and its Latest Achievements Using Grid'5000
Peter Sloot
Section Computational Science, University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands
ViroLab: A virtual Laboratory for Infectious Diseases
   Invited Lectures
Piotr Bala
NCU Torun / ICM Warsaw University, Poland
Chemomentum - Grid Services Based Environment to Enable Innovative Research
Jarek Nabrzyski
Poznan' Supercomputing and Networking Center, Poland
From Academic to Business Grids: Lessons Learnt at PSNC
Pawel Pisarczyk
ATM S.A., Poland
Performance Evaluation of Gigabit Ethernet-Based Interconnects for HPC Clusters
Marcin Radecki
ACC Cyfronet AGH, Krakow, Poland
Operating Central European EGEE ROC
Roman Wyrzykowski
University of Technology, Czestochowa, Poland
Running Applications on the CLUSTERIX Grid
Organizers: ACC Cyfronet AGH

ACC Cyfronet AGH
Institute of Nuclear Physics Polish Academy of Sciences

Institute of Computer Science AGH
Institute of Computer
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