Krakow, Poland
N o v e m b e r  7–9, 2011

P r o g r a m m e
   Monday, November 7, 2011
  8:00 Registration
  9:00 - 10:30 Session S1,   Chair: Michal Turala
   9:00   Opening — T. Szmuc, Vice-rector of AGH
   9:30   Keynote lecture: R. Meijer, Achievements of the UrbanFlod project
 10:15   Keynote lecture: Ad Emmen, The IDGF Road Map for using Desktop Grids in eScience
11:00 - 11:30 coffee and posters
11:30 - 13:00 Session S2,   Chair: Mariusz Sterzel
 11:30   Keynote lecture: K. Gozdz, The Cloud. Implemented
 12:00   PL-Grid PLUS: Polish Roadmap toward Domain-specific Infrastructure for Supporting Computational Science in European Research Space,
J. Kitowski, K. Wiatr, T. Szepieniec, L. Dutka, M. Sterzel, and M. Turala
Short poster presentations (3 min each)
1. Three-Stage Neurocomputational Modelling Using Emergent and GENESIS Software
D. Mikolajewski, K. Dobosz, W. Nowak, G. Osinski, J. Meller, W. Duch, and G.M. Wojcik
2.From Quantity to Quality: Massive Molecular Dynamics Simulation of Nanostructures under Plastic Deformation in Desktop and Service Grid Distributed Computing Infrastructure
O. Baskova, O. Gatsenko, L. Bekenev, E. Pavlov, and Y. Gordienko
3.Biological clock – Is the need for a clock a common factor for cells and computers?
P. Spolnik, L. Konieczny, and I. Roterman
4.Using BOINC Desktop Grid to Solve Large Scale SAT Problems
M. Posypkin, A. Semenov, and O. Zaikin
5.Using Advanced Data Mining and Integration in Environmental Prediction Scenarios
O. Habala, L. Hluchy, V. Tran, P. Krammer, and M. Seleng
6.UIMA-HPC: High Performance Chemical Patent Mining
S. Bergmann, A. Klenner, M. Zimmermann, and M. Romberg
7.Methodology and Tool Supporting Cooperative Composition of Semantic Domain Models for Experts and Developers
M. Bubak, T. Gubala, and M. Rzasa
8.GridSpace2 – Comprehensive Platform for Managing e-Science Applications
E. Ciepiela, D. Harezlak, J. Kocot, M. Kasztelnik, J. Meizner, G. Dyk, P. Nowakowski, T. Gubala, T. Bartynski, M. Malawski, and M. Bubak
9.Enabling generic distributed computing infrastructure compatibility for workflow management systems
M. Kozlovszky, K. Karoczkai, I. Marton, A. Balasko, A. Marosi, and P. Kacsuk
10.One year of International Desktop Grid Federation – Desktop Grids narrow the gap between science and society
B. Schott, Ad Emmen, and L. Versweyveld
13:00 - 14:30 lunch
14:30 - 15:30 Session S3,   Chair: Robert Pajak
Short poster presentations (3 min each)
11. Common Information Space – a Framework for Service-Oriented Scientific Computing
B. Balis, M. Kasztelnik, T. Bartynski, G. Dyk, T. Gubala, P. Nowakowski, and M. Bubak
12.Programming and Execution of Multiscale Applications in Distributed Environments
K. Rycerz, E. Ciepiela, T. Gubala, D. Harezlak, J. Kocot, G. Dyk, J. Meizner, and M. Bubak
13.Federating Cloud Resources in the VPH-Share Project
P. Nowakowski, M. Bubak, T. Bartynski, D. Harezlak, M. Kasztelnik, and J. Meizner
14.Abstraction layer for development and deployment of cloud services
B.M. Nguyen, V.D. Tran, and L. Hluchy
15.Status of CC1 project. Cloud Computing for Science and Economy
J. Chwastowski, K. Danielowski, R. Grzymkowski, M. Kruk, M. Nabozny, Z. Natkaniec, A. Olszewski, H. Palka, T. Sosnicki, P. Syktus, M. Witek, P. Wojcik, T. Wojton, M. Zdybal, and B. Zabinski
16.An application scaling system in Elastic Compute Cloud
W. Funika, K. Mazurek, and W. Kruczkowski
17.Heterogeneous GPU cluster for High-Performance Computing in Cryptography
M. Marks, J. Jantura, K. Gozdz, and E. Niewiadomska-Szynkiewicz
18.A Security Solution for GridSpace2 Platform
J. Meizner, E. Ciepiela, P. Nowakowski, J. Kocot, M. Malawski, and M. Bubak
19.Automatic proxy generation and load-balancing-based dynamic choice of services
J. Dabrowski, S. Feduniak, B. Balis, T. Bartynski, and W. Funika
20.Large scale infrastructure for crawling/indexing and searching over job offers with semantic support
M. Seleng, S. Dlugolinsky, M.l Laclavik, and L. Hluchy
21.Towards ontology-based performance monitoring of multi-scale applications
W. Funika, M. Janczykowski, K. Jopek, and M. Grzegorczyk
22.Automation of System Monitoring Based on Fuzzy Logic or Rules-Comparison of Two Designed Approaches with regard to Computational Infrastructures
W. Funika, F. Szura, and J. Kitowski
23.Storage QoS provisioning in grid environment
R. Slota, D. Nikolow, D. Krol, K. Skalkowski, B. Kryza, M. Orzechowski, M. Wrzeszcz, and J. Kitowski
24.Management Methods in SLA-aware Distributed Storage Systems
D. Nikolow, R. Slota, D. Lakovic, P. Winiarczyk, M. Pogoda, and J. Kitowski
25.Applying Service Level Management to Fedarated e-Infrastructures
T. Szepieniec and J. Kocot
15:30 - 16:00 coffee and posters
16:00 - 17:30 Session S4,   Chair: Renata Slota
 16:00   Polish Contribution to the Worldwide LHC Computing,
A. Binczewski, M. Bluj, A. Cyz, M. Dwuznik, M. Filocha, L. Flis, R. Gokieli, J. Iwaszkiewicz, M. Kowalski, P. Lason, R. Lichwala, M. Lopuszynski, M. Magrys, P. Malecki, N. Meyer, K. Nawrocki, A. Olszewski, A. Ozieblo, A. Padee, A. Padee, H. Palka, M. Pospieszny, M. Radecki, R. Rowicki, M. Stolarek, T. Szepieniec, T. Szymocha, M. Turala, K. Wawrzyniak, W. Wislicki, M. Witek, P. Wolniewicz
 16:15   PL-Grid e-Infrastructure for the Cherenkov Telescope Array observatory, A. Barnacka, L. Bogacz, M. Grudzinska, M. Janiak, N. Komin, G. Lamanna, and R. Moderski
 16:30   Seamless Access to the PL-Grid e-Infrastructure Using UNICORE Middleware, K. Benedyczak, R. Kluszczynski, M. Borcz, G. Marczak, P. Bala, M. Stolarek, R. Radecki, and M. Filocha
 16:45   Security Best Practices: Applying Defense-in-depth Strategy to Protect the NGI_PL, B. Balcerek, G. Frankowski, A. Kwiecien, A. Smutnicki, and M. Teodorczyk
17:00   Training in the PL-Grid as Key Component to Attract Users to Grid e-Infrastructures, M. Borcz, K. Benedyczak, R. Kluszczynski, G. Marczak, P. Bala, A. Padee, M.j Filocha, M. Zdybek, and M. Pawlik
17:15   GBAC: Virtualization based execution environment for Desktop Grids, A.C. Marosi, J. Kovacs, and P. Kacsuk
   Tuesday, November 8, 2011
 8:30 Registration
 9:00 - 11:15 Session S5,   Chair: Jacek Kitowski
   9:00   Keynote lecture: R. Hose, Virtual Physiological Human Research and Clinical Simulation Workflows Enabled by the VPH-Share Infostructure
   9:45   Keynote lecture: S. Brewer, The impact of Virtual Research Communities on EGI's services and infrastructure
 10:30   Keynote lecture: P. Gepner, The Datacenter of the Future – the road to Exascale
11:15 - 11:45 coffee and posters
11:45 - 13:00 Session S6,   Chair: Piotr Nowakowski
 11:45   Dataspace Support Platform for e-Science, I. Elsayed and P. Brezany
 12:00   Implementing Virtual Data Infrastructures – A Case Study with iRODS, T. Roblitz
 12:15   Scripting language extensions offered by the GridSpace Experiment Platform, D. Harezlak, M. Kasztelnik, E. Ciepiela, and M. Bubak
 12:30   Model Driven Architecture for collaborative application design, M. Zygmunt and M. Budyn
 12:45   WS-VLAM a workflow management system for e-science applications, R. Cushing, S. Koulouzis, A.S.Z. Belloum, M. Bubak
13:00 - 14:30 lunch
14:30 - 15:45 Session S7,   Chair: Katarzyna Rycerz
 14:30   Design and Implementation of the IkarosEG Resource Management System, Ch. Filippidis, Y. Cotronis, Ch. Markou
 14:45   New Capabilities in QosCosGrid Middleware for Advanced Job Managemen Advance Reservation and Co-allocation of Computing Resources, B. Bosak, P. Kopta, K. Kurowski, M. Mamonski, and T. Piontek
 15:00   Application Repository and Science Gateway for Molecular Docking Simulations, G. Terstyanszky, T. Kiss, S. Winter, P. Greenwell, and H. Heindl
 15:15   Science Gateway for High Resolution Rendering on Cluster and Desktop based Grid Resources, T. Kiss, D. Economou, N. Angelopoulou, D. Farkas, G. Testyanszky, and S. Winter
 15:30   The use of Spring, UWE and HQI in HELIO, G. Pierantoni, B. Coghlan, E. Kenny, and The HELIO Consortium
15:45 - 16:15 coffee and posters
16:15 - 17:30 Session S8,   Chair: Tomasz Gubala
 16:15   Assessing the Performance of Desktop Grid Applications, A. Afanasiev, N. Khrapov, and M. Posypkin
 16:30   Improving Submission Scalability for DesktopGrid Systems, A. Visegradi and J. Kovacs
 16:45   User-Oriented Provisioning of Secure Virtualized Infrastructure, M. Jarzab, J. Kosinski, K. Zielinski, and S. Zielinski
 17:00   ACARM-ng – Next Generation Correlation Framework, B. Balcerek, B. Szurgot, M. Uchronski, and W. Waga
 17:15   Making X.509 certificates simple to use in PL-Grid project, M. Teodorczyk and B. Balcerek
19:30 - 21:30 CGW'11 dinner
   Wednesday, November 9, 2011
 8:30 Registration
 9:00 - 11:15 Session S9,   Chair: Krzysztof Zielinski
   9:00   Keynote lecture: A. Hoekstra, Distributed Multiscale Computing, the MAPPER project
   9:45   Keynote lecture: T. Glatard, The Life-Science Grid Community: Applications, Services, VOs and Organization
 10:30   Keynote lecture: J. Shiers, WLCG – the First Two Years of LHC Data Taking, Processing and Analysis
11:15 - 11:45 coffee and posters
11:45 - 13:00 Session S10,   Chair: Bartosz Balis
 11:45   Identifying Limits of Scalability in Distributed, Heterogeneous, Layer Based Monitoring Concepts like SLAte, M. Hilbrich and R. Mueller-Pfefferkorn
 12:00   The Extension of Torque Scheduler Allowing the Use of Planing and Optimization Algorithms in Grids, V. Chlumsky, D. Klusacek, and M. Ruda
 12:15   Practical experiences with Torque meta-scheduling, S. Toth and M. Ruda
 12:30   Improving large scale software systems by high level flow control analysis early development phases, P. Poznanski, M. Wawrowski
 12:45   Interactive Cloud Data Farming Environment for Military Mission Planning Support, B. Kryza, D. Krol, M. Wrzeszcz, L. Dutka, and J. Kitowski
13:00 - 14:30 lunch
14:30 - 15:30 Session S11,   Chair: Marcin Radecki
 14:30   Full-text web-scale search with spatial support on a distributed architecture, S. Dlugolinsky, M. Seleng, M. Laclavik, and L. Hluchy
 14:45   Heterogeneous Distributed Computing Infrastructure with Desktop Girds fo Large Scale Data Processing in Materials Science, O. Baskova, O. Gatsenko, and Y. Gordienko
 15:00   GridSpace2 Virtual Laboratory Case Study: Implementation of Algorithms of Quantitative Analysis of the Grain Morphology in Self-Assembled Hexagonal Lattices according to Hillebrand Method, E. Ciepiela, L. Zaraska, and G. Sulka
 15:15   Examining Protein Folding Process Simulation and Searching for Common Structure Motifs in a Protein Family as Experiments in the GridSpace2 Virtual Laboratory, T. Jadczyk, M. Malawski, M. Bubak, and I. Roterman
15:30 - 15:45 coffee break
15:45 - 16:45 Session S12,   Chair: Eryk Ciepiela
 15:45   GPU Enhanced Simulation of Angiogenesis, R. Wcislo and M. Worecki
 16:00   InSilicoLab – Managing Complexity of e-Science Computations, J. Kocot, T. Szepieniec, D. Harezlak, K. Noga and M. Sterzel
 16:15   Implementation of Service Level Management in PL-Grid Infrastructure, T. Szepieniec, M. Tomanek, M. Radecki and M. Bubak
 16:30   Services and Operations in PL-Grid, M. Radecki, T. Szepieniec, T. Szymocha, and M. Pawlik
16:45 - 16:50 Closing

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