Krakow, Poland
N o v e m b e r  7–9, 2011
P a p e r s

This year, having in mind increase of visibility and recognition of the papers presented at the Conference we have made a strong effort to get opportunity for publishing your final paper version (as a regular paper) in the journal:

Computer Science Journal

released quarterly and routinely indexed by some indexing engines. This will replace the previous practice of publication of the CGW Proceedings.

This idea is accepted by the Editor-in-Chief of this Journal and we hope that such a solution will result in a better appreciation of your CGW'11 contribution.

Therefore, we kindly encourage you to adopt this new way of distribution your scientific results.

The procedure is the following:
  1. Submit your contribution, in the appropriate format, directly to the journal before December 09, 2011.
  2. Your submission will be reviewed at the journal with participation of the CGW'11 organizers.
  3. We will publish your paper in the journal volumes in 2012.

ACC Cyfronet AGH

ACC Cyfronet AGH
Institute of Computer Science AGH
Institute of Computer
Science AGH
Institute of Nuclear Physics Polish Academy of Sciences