Kraków, Poland
O c t o b e r  13 - 15, 2008

P o s t e r  P a p e r s  C o n t e s t

The best CGW'08 posters:
  • Distributed Computer System for Remote Support of Holistic Rehabilitation of Patients Affected by Stroke
    J. Kitowski, R. Wcislo, R. Slota, J. Otfinowski, M. Skubis, K. Probosz, M. Pisula, A.Sobczyk, and K. Regula
  • Harmonizing the Management of Virtual Organizations Despite Heterogeneous Grid Middleware – Assessment of Two Different Approaches
    W. Kirchler, M. Schiffers, and D. Kranzlmüller
  • Distributed Dynamic Load Balancing for Iterative-Stencil Applications
    G. Dethier, P.-A. de Marneffe, and P. Marchot
have been selected by the Jury: Patrick Aerts, Ewa Deelman, Wolfgang Gentzsch, Andrzej Ozieblo, Marcin Plóciennik, and Miroslaw Ruda.

Criteria of evaluation
Evaluate giving a rating from "0" to "5":

  1. Are the scientific objectives and goals clearly explained?
  2. Is the solution of the problem correct and is it presented in a convincing way?
  3. Are the results presented (tables, figures) well?
  4. Are the conclusions clearly spell out, do they summarize the main scientific achievements?
  5. Is the poster graphics esthetic and attractive?
( "0" in any category eliminates poster from the Contest. )

Instructions for CGW'08 poster presentations

Poster boards of size 100 cm x 150 cm (width x height) will be available in the main hall of the conference venue from Monday, October 13, 8:00 a.m.

We recommend to use a single large poster that fits the board.

Organizers: ACC Cyfronet AGH

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Institute of Nuclear Physics Polish Academy of Sciences

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